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Professional Putting Aid

Used by the World's Best for over 20 Years

Addictive Challenge

You'll Practice More Because it's FUN!

Kinetic Ball Returner

No Batteries or AC Power, 3ft ~ 15ft

Quality Surfaces

3m Tournament Mats & 2m Training Mats

Complete System

Efficient, Effective, Engaging, Portable...

60 Day MB guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

About the Holemore

The HOLEMORE Tour, the latest Boomerang Putting Trainer, was originally designed for tour pros to take on the road. With the HOLEMORE Tour anyone can get instant feedback from hundreds or even thousands of incredibly precise putts in a session, without ever breaking setup or moving off your spot to retrieve a ball! Use with or without a camera, anywhere you might be. These devices are a masterclass for your putting stroke. More than that, they're the ability to work on any part of your stroke, while you measure and manage the results. Finally, they're incredibly engaging. I've personally rolled over 2.5 million putts on these devices in the past 20 years, and I can tell you they're instantly rewarding and make achieving better stroke mechanics lots of fun! All our products ship fast and Aussie customers can get them in a few days. For international customers, delivery times may vary because of Covid. Whether you're investing in your stroke today or not, thanks for checking us out and good luck on the greens!!! Alexander Moore

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"The simplest and most effective putting device on the market ! It's
teaching is subtle, powerful and fun. I use the HOLEMORE in my daily
practice routines."



"The Boomerang is absolutely awesome. It forces you to really, really
work on line and speed to the point that you have to be exact on both.
It can be really frustrating during practice......"