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Professional Putting Aid

Made for the World's Best for over 25 Years

Addictive Challenge

Patented FUN. Serious Feedback!

Kinetic Ball Returner

Returns < 15ft Without Batteries or AC Power

Quality Surfaces

5m of Premium Fast & Slow Surfaces

Complete System

Portable Efficient Effective Fun Feedback

60 Day MB guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wayne Perske UNBOXING

Always a pleasure to watch a great putting stroke

limited edition HOLEMORE tour Pack

*** SAVE $30*** Endorsed by another Aussie legend, Brett Rumford, I'm incredibly proud of the HOLEMORE Tour Pack (v15 Boomerang Putting Trainer Set). In the pack, as well as the device itself, there's a 2m slow training mat + a 3m fast competition mat & a...

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"The simplest and most effective putting device on the market ! It's
teaching is subtle, powerful and fun. I use the HOLEMORE in my daily
practice routines."



"The Boomerang is absolutely awesome. It forces you to really, really
work on line and speed to the point that you have to be exact on both.
It can be really frustrating during practice......"