Line + Speed = Confidence

The Principal is easy: Lag the first ball in, then strike it out with a second. In practice, the two-ball challenge requires a certain level of skill! The HOLEMORE 'Tour' is the 15th Boomerang Putting Trainer. The original 'Tour' model was designed for EPGA Tour players to take on the road in the 1990s. The 2022 model provides identical feedback, but it's easier to use and it's more compact. With the device itself anyone can learn from hundreds or even thousands of incredibly precise putts in a session, without ever breaking setup to retrieve a ball!

More than just a putting masterclass, you'll get the ability to work on any part of your stroke, while you measure and manage the results. Uniquely, the Tour model is both highly engaging and very forgiving. I've personally rolled over 2.5 million putts on my trainers over the years, and I recommend every golfer get one. Not just because they're my babies, but because they make building better mechanics fun, not work. Instantly rewarding, when practice is this addictive you'll do more of it.

We ship fast! Australian customers get their orders in under 7 days, International customers under 30 days.

Whether you're investing in your stroke today or not, thanks for hanging out & good luck on those greens!!!

Alexander Moore

  • 3-in-1 Putting Aid, Skill Challenge & Ball Returner. The the most efficient way to improve stroke mechanics, on or off the course
    Alternate precise lag & strike putts, with lots of reps, and become very proficient, very quickly
    The Catch & Release challenge is unique, patented and ADDICTIVE!
  • Work on lag putts & strike putts, alignment, line control & confidence - all at the same time!
  • Practice scoring putts on a device that's quiet, portable and doesn't need batteries
  • Used off course by some of the best players in the world for over twenty years. More reps and better feedback than you can imagine!
    Better stroke mechanics and more confidence within 30 days or I'll give you a lesson, or a refund, or both!



  • Pro Putting Aid, Used by Major Winners Since 1998
  • Patented, Highly Addictive Catch & Release Challenge
  • Kinetic Ball Returner (3-15ft)
  • Adjustable Length & Degree of Difficulty
  • 3m Crystal Velvet Tournament Mat (Stimp 12.5)
  • 2m Training Mat (Stimp 8.5)
  • Camera Cradle for recording stroke
  • Readymade Matchplay Game
  • Extended MBG


  • Never break setup to fetch a ball
  • Maximum reps, minimum time
  • Incredibly precise feedback
  • So engaging you always want to do more
  • Built in game, play alone or against friends
  • Benchmark your progress, chase and pass your PB!
  • Rubber-backed mats - easy to use, portable