Best Putting Device on the Market

"The simplest and most effective putting device on the market! It's teaching is subtle, powerful and fun. I use the HOLEMORE in my daily practice routines"

Brett Rumford

Six Time EPGA Tour Winner & Short Game Legend

Absolutely Awesome & Well Worth It!

The Boomerang is absolutely awesome. It forces you to really, really work on line and speed to the point that you have to be exact on both. It can be really frustrating during practice though, but I've found the tradeoff of less frustration when it matters to be worth it. Just make sure you practice different distances and whatnot. And as you don't have to spend time shagging balls, you easily knock 3 times as many putts as you otherwise would if just knocking balls to a target in a given time. As for green reading, I've found that to be much easier to do when you know that the ball will go where you want it. So get the Boomerang, use it, and the rest will take care of itself.



Dialing in the Distance!

I love the thing for just being able to pound out putt after putt. It is hard to stop the ball in the cup, but I'm getting decent at it. The main thing I'm concerned with putting at home is a good stroke and straight putt. This is great for practicing that considering the mat and ramp is only about 6 inches wide. The ball pretty much always gets returned within reach and you can easily hit 100 putts in a short session. With the speed of the mat and angle of the ramp, you're practicing very long putts with only about 8-9 feet of distance, however I've found that it doesn't mess up my distance control. I was at the practice green yesterday and was able to dial in the distance very quickly after two straight weeks on the boomerang.



This will grove your stroke more than anything else!

This is a very clever device. Not much to it, but there doesn't have to be. It is much more challenging than any other device I have used, and more reliable in getting the ball back to you for the next shot than most. I like the fact that it has no cord or batteries, and it is clear this will grove your stroke more conveniently than most anything else.

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Significant Reduction In Putts Per Round!

This contraption has helped everyone I know. Good putters get better and poor putters get decent... this thing reduced my putts per round significantly.

Ian Davis

via email

Incredibly Impressed!

I received my Boomerang Putting System in the mail last Friday. I've been using it for about thirty minutes a day and I've got to say I'm incredibly impressed with it. I've seen some brief reviews of the Boomerang and I wasn't horribly impressed. It seemed so simple, just lag the first putt in, and strike it out with the second. I was really wrong. The Boomerang is marked by simplicity in design, but extreme difficulty in execution. Let me explain...



Awesome! Did I say Awesome? I really mean Awesome!

I got a Boomerang putting aid after reading about it on FGI. I have to say this thing is awesome!! It has really improved my putting. After using it for a couple of weeks went out to the course and had a 26 putt round!! 26 Putts!! That’s like 10 one putts and zero 3 putts dudes!


FGI Golf Forum


To begin with the Boomerang Putting System was easy to set up and within a couple of minutes we were making putts and working on our stroke and tempo. The Boomerang makes you work on your accuracy and distance. The speed of a putt is very important and the Boomerang helps you develop the touch you need to “just get the putt to the hole”.

The Boomerang can easily be adjusted to effectively increase the length of putts by adjusting the angle of the hole up or down. It is a low tech training aid that doesn’t require batteries and it has no moving parts so it works every time.

It was fun and easy to use so most of the reviewers used it for up to a half an hour at a time. It was a challenge to see how many putts in a row you could make and keep hitting putts on line and at the right speed. It was very effective at improving golfer’s tempo of putts because it was easy to hit putt after putt on the same line and speed which helped to ingrain muscle memory into the stroke.

It can be used as a game at get-togethers where even people who are not skilled at golf can have fun playing with it. There are many games that can be played and competitions can be conducted in many different ways. There are many more aspects to the Boomerang that can be reviewed by visiting the Boomerang website.

There is a cool video of a guy who makes many putts in a row. We want to reiterate that we are only offering our opinion here as we did not have a focus group of golfers use the Boomerang, rate it and then compile results. However we would add that we have reviewed many putting training aids and we can say the Boomerang is one of the easiest to use and most effective ones we have seen over the years. And it is very reasonably priced.

Golf Test USA


So, what is it? In a word, it's a trick! The Boomerang Putting Trainer looks so easy, but it's not. It looks quite tolerant, but it's not. It looks like a toy, but it's not. It's a trick! The Boomerang Putting Trainer is hard to master. It takes precision and allows little margin for inaccuracy. This little gadget will do so much more for your putting, than you'll expect from a device this simple.

The setup is easy. Prep your mat, clip the stand to the ramp and you're good to go. That's it! Start hitting those putts, and the first benefit shows up, right away: When you miss, the ball comes right back to you, and you're good to go again. That means you can do a lot of repetitions in a very short time, meaning you can get valuable practice in, even if you only have 5-10 minutes on hand.

The drill itself is easy to grasp. You hit a ball into the hole-sized depression at the top, and then you hit another ball up, to knock the first one back down. But here's where it gets tricky. In order for the depression (henceforth: 'hole') to catch the ball, the speed has to be just right. The margin allowed is appx half the width of a hole, from the front lip, to the middle of the hole. If your putt is longer than that, it can be dead center, perfect line, the hole won't catch. Also, if your putt isn't dead center, the ball will roll on the lip, and margins will be even smaller, often returning the ball to you.

I haven't done the math on this, but from feel, I would say, that the margin for catching the ball, roughly translates to a foot past the hole on a flat surface, at the most. Imagine if you could get your speed right to inside a foot past the hole on every lag putt you hit. Just imagine.

OK, so now you have a ball caught in the hole. Now you have to release it. This takes a slightly different, firmer putt - not much, just slightly - you know, like that confident stroke you use to take a bit of break out on short putts. Firmer, but only slightly!

And here's the other tricky part: If the second putt is not dead center, it will not transfer it's energy to the first ball correctly, and the ball won't release. You need to miss inside 1/4 of the width of the ball, perhaps even less, to get a proper release. So, while your trying to get the speed right, you actually learn to hit dead straight putts too. Imagine if you could hit every 6-footer inside 1/4 of a ball's width off your intended line. Not to mention every 15-footer. Just imagine.

Does it work? Absolutely. I took this opportunity to break in a new putter, that I bought in the fall, but didn't feel too comfortable with, so I quickly went back to my old putter. A couple of thousand putts has definitely helped already. My tempo has improved, my consistency has improved (my record for catch/release sequences is 4 at the moment - plenty of room for further improvement) and my precision has improved, especially on the firm putts, where I had a tendency to 'pull' and miss left. I'm without a doubt rolling the ball a lot better and with more control of distance, and I'm also rolling them straight on the intended line.

No matter how steep a slope you're putting up, from a mechanical point of view, every putt is straight. If you can start the ball on your intended line, and roll it with a speed appx 1' past the hole, you have the best possible foundation for making the putt. I feel the Boomerang Putting Trainer is a brilliant way to build this foundation. Happy putting.

Lars Olufson